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When my head cracks open,
this is what comes out

The Word Studio is dedicated to my creative writing projects...my attempt to get back into writing for the joy of it. All entries about in-house development, projects, the history of C2Kstudios, and just day-to-day nonsense, can be found on my webmaster's blog.

Soon, I hope to be adding to this page a little more than I have been for this last long while. Until then, here are some of the things you can look forward to seeing in the future.


For years I have being writing down ideas about an epic space opera...along the Lines of the Foundation series (what an awesome read). These ideas go back to my teens; I have journals and journals full of stuff that has all been code-named "AIAIO". They started out as ideas for seperate stories but over time I came to realize that they were connected somehow...and that thought nagged me for years and years as I kept just jotting down ideas, without any kind of real framework to attach them to. Just a timeline of events that spanned millennia.

Then from out of the mists walked a character. Someone who could exist through all time...and not in a Jack Harkness kind of way. Then, of course, more ideas began to present themselves. But by now I'm in my 30s with two kids and so busy doing so many things...but they're always up there, in my head. Stories being told as I go to sleep at night, or take the bus to work—just churning around up there, waiting....

Then, a plot emerged...a grand idea that promised to tie so many things together that I actually think that one day, this monster may finally be unleashed.

Now, I was always a writer—never a typist. I actually kick myself about that now. Over the years though, I've become a lot better at it. Still have to look, but I'm pretty fast. The daunting task now is going to be transcribing it all. Perhaps I should invest in some decent voice-to-text gear...

Children's Stories

I never contemplated writing children's stories...and then I had children. They've been read to almost every day of their lives, but as she started to get older my oldest wanted me to tell her stories...and as I'm making up all these crazy adventures off the top of my head I'm wondering...why am I not writing all this stuff down?


Back in the day I wrote shitloads of poetry...most of it was pretty bad. Perhaps because a lot of it was written during caffeine and cigarrette-fueled all-night jam sessions at Tim Hortons. But there are some gems in there...I just have to dig them out and go through them.

Other Random Stuff

Even I don't know what might turn up. There are a LOT of books and quite a few years to go through...

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